Mercedes-Benz C216

Mercedes-Benz-C216The new model was officially unveiled at the end of June 2006 and was presented at the 2006 Paris Salon. The W216 is offered in four models, the V8-powered CL500, the high-performance V8-powered CL63 AMG and the high-end V12-powered CL600 and CL65AMG . The CL500 is sold as the CL550 in North America. The class is based on the chassis of the W221 S-Class and shares similar design cues together with the CLS-Class. The two-door coupe weighs 2185 kg (4817 lb) and like its predecessor, has no B-pillar interrupting the sleek curve of the side windows. The C216 makes use of the Distronic Plus cruise control, which debuted on the 2007 S-Class. This system is able to bring the car to a complete stop, and accelerate again to the pre-set speed, to keep a pre-set distance away from the car ahead of it. This Mercedes-Benz CL has also debuted with the new Active NightVision program that enables drivers to view the conditions in front of the car despite the dark surroundings. Mercedes has no plans to upgrade the 5.5L motor in the CL500/CL550 because it is already class leading, even with its older SOHC design.