Mercedes W210

Mercedes W210Mercedes-Benz W210 is a mid-size luxury car / executive car. The W210 signified the entrance of Mercedes Benz into a new era in which they were to appeal to a younger market segment. The use of four separate headlights on the car’s front end was a significant departure from longstanding Mercedes design conventions, with some critics labeling the new model the “Four-Eyed Benz.” The W210 was an extremely successful model. There were 4 engines that AMG used in the W210. The first was the E36, M104.995, launched in 1996 then the M119.985 in the Euro Spec E50 AMG produced only one year 1997. There was also an option for the M119.985 that was bored out to 6.0L the cars these were fitted to were designated as the E60 and came in sedan and wagon varieties. In 1998 came the M113 powered E55 which used a 5.5L v-8 SOHC 24V to produce 354 bhp (264 kW) and 391 ft·lbf (530 N·m) of torque. The body styling on all of the W210 AMG models was the same until 2000 when a facelift and interior upgrades were implemented.


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